Who’s your Grinch this holiday?

For me it's the in-laws.

So it’s Thanksgiving and amidst my Thanksgiving speech my husband stopped me and asked if I’d called my mother in-law to wish her a bon voyage, who FYI is en-route to Dallas at this very moment. Obviously I hadn’t. How am I supposed to know! Apart from the two times that he reminded me but still how? And if that’s the way our holidays were gonna start then I can’t wait for summer. So that was my Grinch for the holidays- a sour topic.

I mean what is the deal with the in-laws. Every woman has to go through that and unfortunately I’m not easy to persuade. I’m all for being ‘open’ and ‘friendly’ with bits of chitter chatter here and there but hey if it involves sucking up and being a ‘perfect’ daughter in-law count me out! Don’t get me wrong, I love family and I could learn a thing or two about embracing relatives but there’s always a time to bring such stuff up and this is one of those days when you should just focus on all the good. For instance, the times when I cooked you a great meal? No, not lean cuisine but hand cooked stuff. Or when I laundered your clothes. Or wait, the most recent one like last night when I stayed up all night only to fall asleep on the couch cuz you were stuck at work until 01:45 am. Yeah forget all the awesome stuff and only remember how I didn’t call your mum.

Advice for the husband: Hold off the negatives until the weekday since we won’t bump into each other for further friction. Now that’s something Dr. Phil could talk about.

So much for Thanksgiving. I did watch the Macys parade on tv, I’m in NJ and people here are still strolling around in shorts and a tee shirt. And if it’s cloudy then you’ll find them in a sweatshirt at the most. Hello! It’s almost winter and seems like everybody elsewhere is wearing earmuffs, knits and winter gear while here I am itching to strut around in a pair of leg warmers.

Even the oldies aren’t cold I suppose. Wow I guess I’m getting prematurely old. Like Benjamin Button or something.

So are you going for Black Friday? I hoped not to but looking at how Thanksgiving is going I’d rather make most of some in-store deals. Besides the cashier at Bloomingdales is more appreciate than folks at home. And guess what… the Burberry coat I was obsessing for over 3 months is gone.  No not just my size but the whole thing is gone. I hope anti-shoppers are happy now.

I am definitely saving up for Christmas and then I’m just going to go crazy with the credit card. I notified my beloved husband who doesn’t seem to get the gravity of that but there’s always a first time for a maxed out credit card right?

What else are the holidays about? Make merry and be happy.

Happy holidays fellow bloggers and cheer mongers.

And xoxo to all the shopaholics out there. You’re not alone.


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