“I hate to say it but…”

…my sis in-law is a pretty good person. Somehow I’m not fond of her. Maybe cuz she’s everything I am not and by that I mean she’s unfashionable, wears clunky heels and doesn’t have naturally straight hair yet says she does. On the same page she’s really hospitable like if you go over to her house for lunch (which they would have forced you to do over the weekend cuz they have nothing else to do I guess or they’re just being nice), you would be stuck there for a minimum of 6 hrs and I’m not kidding.

It’s just that I am not someone who’d ‘force’ my ‘niceness’ on people. Fine I’m just not as nice as her. Okay! Are you happy now? On hospitality I would give myself a 6 cuz I believe in self service I mean this is America isn’t it?

My husband has a really huge soft corner for his sis in-law. Obviously cuz she doesn’t shop (clunky heel person never shops) and doesn’t buy expensive shoes. Plus she’s the queen of deals. Unfortunately I have an expensive taste. I’m sorry I just can’t change my taste. Anyway my husband likes her more than his brother (whom she’s married to). And by ‘like’ I mean it in the most respectful sense, like a brother-sister kinda bond. Now I’m stuck cuz I can’t say much about the SIL in front of the husband. You guys know how that would sound right? I’d be the scum and there’s no way my husband would ‘see’ the ‘act’ of niceness by his beloved SIL.

Or maybe cuz she reminds me of Betty in Archie. The soft, sweet, and ‘homely’ girl vs the brat Veronica. I guess I’ve always identified myself with the latter. Oh well I’ve got Black Friday shopping to do tomorrow. Must prepare my husband with strategies on attacking all the stores and getting the best deal. At least he’d be happy I’m saving. If only I could find my Louboutins for under $250. Now that’s a far cry.

Happy Black Friday shopaholics and be safe. We want to be lady like always not like hooligans pushing and grabbing.




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2 responses to ““I hate to say it but…”

  1. Just found you love the blog, I will bw back to hear all about your christmas.

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