MIL in town!

My MIL (mother in-law or monster in-law)  is in town. I wish I could have been a tad bit more excited about it but I’m not. You know why?

a)She’s always asking me to do something or be someone I’m not.

b)She’s always gentle in her speech yet has a very subtle assertive undertone. How come I’m the only one who notices that?

c) She asked me to make more home cooked food. Who does that? I don’t like to be ‘told’ to cook. I’m the cook in this house. Nobody messes with the cook of the house. That’s given right.

So I could go on and on but the point is she’s visiting us for 10 days and somehow she’s not decisive on when. She’s flipflopping between March/April. Exactly the time when I planned on a vacation to Japan. EVERBODY knows that is the best time to visit Japan! Why god why!

On top of that my father in-law MIGHT join her around the same time and he wants ME to chauffeur him around town. Seriously I’m beginning to see tweety birds in my head. This isn’t happening!

What does my husband have to say regarding this? “Call MIL more often”… Like 2-3 times a week so we develop a ‘connection’. Seriously? After all this? No.

At the moment she’s in Texas visiting her elder son and wife. It’s unfair cuz now there will be parallels drawn between the 30 something daughter in-law vs the 23 yr old (fashion junkie) daughter in-law. Obviously if I were her I’d pick the fashion junkie…but alas it’s not going to be.

My sister in-law is just really gracious and some how is ‘daughter in-law’ material. She’s past 30 and never wore heels. What else can she be apart from a ‘great’ daughter in-law? Plus she’s a doctor. I am not. I don’t even have a degree yet.  How convenient right? At least I’m well dressed, well spoken (good grammar) and brutally honest. And I love silk.

I thought marriages were between two people who love each other and not between the family and the bride!



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6 responses to “MIL in town!

  1. ooh you have to take the family as well, haha sad but true. Book your holiday now, then it’s up to them to work round you, and remember when dealing with them do it with a warm smile and a sweet voice. It will drive them mad.

    • Guess what last night my MIL dropped the D-bomb. She’s coming in earlier than planned and still some how in her sweet voice managed to leave some room for doubt. Why am I not surprised.

      How was Black Friday? Got any good deals?

  2. I am from the UK we don’t have Black Friday, but it sounds fun I love a bargin

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