My bad luck or his good luck?

On such a beautiful sunny yet chilly day we decided to go to Atlantic  City to try our luck. God knows it might just be ‘the’ day.

It wasn’t to be.

I’m not a big gambler. At the most you’ll find me on the 9th slot machine- the 25 cent ones to be precise by where the elderly sit. Yeah that’s my signature spot. So I did the same and even wore my lucky tunic but you know it’s not your day when your down $150 on slots. It took me a lil more rather double the amount to realize the above.

Finally we decided to move onto Roulette and just as we were winning some of the days losses back, bang! Enters a guy in a black sweat shirt with neatly spiked hair with a poker face, although this wasn’t a poker table. It was Roulette remember. And Lisa, our Roulette attendant or whatever that person is called, wasn’t adding to our luck either. So this ‘cool’ guy walks in and places a $35 bet on number 7. And somebody won $700 in a flash of 30 seconds.

And since I’m home writing this blog, it sure as hell wasn’t I. It was the man in black. I mean COME ON! I was there for over 40 mins and was counting on #9 to do some magic and nope it didn’t. Not once. At least the other numbers were winning us a few chips but #9…shame on you.

Well today I learnt that luck does exist but also that the chocolate chip muffins in Borgatta aren’t as delectable as they look. Definitely will opt for Starbucks next time. And also that I ought to find a new moisturizer. My face looked like I had a face mask on. Like the orange face masks. Yuck.


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