“I like my mum’s version”… STOP.

One thing most men don’t get is no matter what you say or don’t say, comparing your wife to your mum is NOT okay. And when that comparison involves cooking then you might as well go jump off Brooklyn bridge. And take your dirty poo colored tee shirts too. Check?

It’s not a secret that I’m not the best cook in town and neither am I the sweetest person you’ll name so get one thing straight. When there’s only one cook in the house and by ironical fate if that happens to be me then save your comments. For instance, Creme Brulee. One of my favorite desserts and what does the husband do on tasting it? With utmost sincerity and innocence (read: ignorance), quote, “I like my mum’s better (pause) (big puppy eyes look)…oh but wait yours was good too.” Oh no YOU didn’t. Not after that you can’t expect to make a comeback statement. There’s nothing that’ll top THAT. Especially an attack on my cooking skills… The wife always is good. That’s just how it is. Who’s serving the 7pm dinner tonight? Uh not your mommy but me! Although he said it with his big puppy eyes, it’s not like my brain never heard the first 10 seconds of his observation but not to worry, I forgave him.

Your mum’s Creme Brulee? Earth to dummy planet! Earth to dummy planet!

Her’s is like fungus mixed with algae which is grayish-brown in color and looks like it’s been rotting for years. If there’s one thing I can’t muster up courage for then it’s gotta be tasting her Creme Brule. It’s extraordinarily——bad. Sorry.


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