So ‘we’ spoke…

Let me define ‘ex’ so we’re clear on what I mean when I use it.

ex: former crush; former crush who I kissed and we remained each others ‘special someone’ but not boyfriend/girlfriend; the one unrequited love who’s still in your life in a very distant way

Alright so I was caught in a dilemma over being in ‘touch’ with my ex (who FYI isn’t even on the same continent). Over the weekend he called but I couldn’t really pick it cuz my husband was right there. Before you jump to any conclusion let me say that a lot of ‘ex’ talk can get your husband who prior to that was perfectly okay with that and now he just can’t stand it. Of course I take the blame entirely. As matter of fact whoever I’d spoken to about regarding this certain guy never took a liking to him. Hmmm I wonder why…And to be fair he isn’t such a bad ass either.

Anyway I called back today (husband wasn’t home) and we spoke. Basically about random lame stuff like “this friend that friend”. Then out the of the blue he mentions about some female friend of his had come over and while she was teaching my techno-illiterate ex about Facebook, she stumbled on my profile. And yes they did take the standard stalker tour of my profile and looked through my pictures.

ex: You look so pretty in those photos and you’ve gotten beautiful too.

me: Uh…um…(beautiful? What was I ugly before)…um…(fake giggle)

ex: You were always beautiful it’s just you’ve gotten prettier!

me: (YEAH RIGHT)…(fake giggle)

me: Um I thought I kept my dog as my profile pic?

ex: Obviously I wasn’t referring to your dog.

In the mean time I told me self to take the god damn compliment.

“So then why aren’t we together? Why’d you always keep me as your ‘special friend’? We had some much but you always reacted late or never fessed up about your feelings until the week before my wedding.”

No I didn’t say it out loud. It was my head talking to my heart.


Right so how was your weekend…(trying hard to change the topic here)…and how’s the weather?( That’s my all time fav ‘change the topic’ question).

End of convo with the ex.



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3 responses to “So ‘we’ spoke…

  1. fiandneez

    Thanks for your comment. Love your blog – will come back to read more after work (it’s morning here Downunder).

  2. oh dear, you are in for some fun!

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