Convo with the husband over high heels

Once every month (read: week) I like to stroll to the near by mall and check out clothes, shoes and what every woman loves- fashion. If for some lame reason I’m lazy that particular day then to compensate I surf the net. I love high heels. I obviously can’t walk in them and it almost like putting yourself through torture just to add 4inchs to your height. And I’m about 5ft 6inch…not bad I’d say but a far stretch from the 5ft 10inch models on the runway.A girl can dream!

On Black Friday I bought myself these awesome Guess shoes for $80 something. Originally they were $110. Some bargain huh!

I'm photography-challenged so bear with the 'pose'.

They had them in black but I liked these better.

And although I needed a size 7, I settled for size 61/2… the perils of fashion.

What does the husband have to say regarding my purchase?

husband: You’re not a model. Why do you need these?

me: I could have been had I been taller and with a few minor corrections…particularly my nose.

me: Besides Tom Cruise was shorter than Nicole Kidman…he didn’t care about his height. (I know bad example)

Husband: Yeah that’s why they’re DIVORCED.

me: Let’s keep the focus on the shoes not what an idiot Tom Cruise is.

Husband: Sigh. Women.

End of convo.




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