…first my cooking and now my dressing? WTF!

If you know me well you’d know one thing better- to not get into an argument with me. And if the other end has my husband as my opponent then god help him.

I swear that coat looked better on me in the Macy's fitting room!

A few days back my fashion ignorant husband trespassed into what would now be known as the ‘no go zone’ (for him)- my style/fashion sense. Over the weekend we headed to Perkins for breakfast. So as I was dressing up he decided to wait until we sat in the car to unravel his impression on my choice of clothing.

husband: Um don’t you think you shouldn’t be ‘exposing’ at your age

me: (unable to comprehend what I just heard)…uh…(still in disbelief)…WTF! WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? DID YOU JUST SAY THAT?

husband: calm down but isn’t that skirt a lil too ‘short’?

me: So? I’m wearing it over black tights (you dummy). And I’m a classy dresser not a trashy one. You knew that before you married me didn’t you? (doing ‘The Rock’s’ raised eyebrow)

husband: Okaaay but you’re 23 and married..(now points to the grandma walking by in a knee length skirt)…(trying to cite her as a fashion role model)

me: (jaw drops)…(trying to curb the Hulk in me from getting outside)… OMG you’re preparing me for your mom aren’t you? I knew it you guys just suck. You know what I’m not going to say a word. Let’s just eat.

husband: I’m sorry I just thought…(stop)…pass me the pancakes

me: ‘I’ ordered the pancakes. Order yours separately since you don’t like the way I dress anyway…blah blah blah

P.S for the husband: Love you hon but don’t ever critique a woman (read: wife) on the way she dresses or the way she cooks.



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2 responses to “…first my cooking and now my dressing? WTF!

  1. Men don’t understand these things. I stopped taking my hubby clothes shopping with me a very long time ago.

    • Shoot me if I’m wrong but my husband wouldn’t have had anything but black, brown, and gray in his wardrobe had it not been for my intervention.
      It’s funny and maybe kinda cute that he wanted me to ‘cover up’ lol. He’s not really expressive that way.

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