My Christmas wish list

I love the pattern of Kate Spade's shoes. So chic and sophisticated and bright!

Christmas is around and even though my face is hung low in shame of ‘over-spending’, nobody said nothing about not filling out a wish list did they…Santa might be out there reading my blog (not cuz it’s awesome but cuz he ‘happened’ to stumble across).

I have always loved Kate Spade. Always= since March 09 when I accidentally walked into her colorful store in NYC

If I had a million dollors I know where most of it would have gone or at least half of it. The rest I’d take to Japan and buy their awesome silk and then go to Tibet to pet the mountain goats. They’re so cute.

Though not to be worn with the other 'wish list' products, this gold cuff by Todd Reed is beautiful. I love the asymmetrical detailing.

Isn't he cute? Awwww okay that's the Tibetan mountain goat or antelope.


Everybody needs to have a Burberry trench coat. It's a must have...well sadly I don't.

husband are you even taking a note of all my ‘wish list’ products?

I neither have the bag nor am I the model

Come on somebody anybody listening or reading perhaps….

p.s- All pictures are from Google images and I have no authority over them so I WILL TAKE THEM OFF IF REQUIRED



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