Sometimes I wonder how my husband can so innocently without intention buy the ugliest colors possible. Like it’s almost fascinating to me that we can go to the mall (which FYI he hates doing unless tricked into) and shop at a pretty decent store and yet he’d be at the checkout with the ugliest shade of brown or beige or some moron color that he finds ‘trendy’. And he’ll be nudging me to show how excited he is about his ‘purchase’. Yeah. Right. Dummy.

Our wardrobes are poles apart.

If you're still not getting what's so horribly wrong with them then that's cuz my camera made it look a bit nicer than they actually are.

a) He hates brand logos but somehow has excused 3 AX tee shirts (in the ugliest shades i.e.)I call them poop tee shirts.

b) I love color. I don’t like ‘bling’ on clothes but I like the combination of a neutral with a bright shade. Especially in dreary winter.

c) He won’t wear pink. Yes he’s on of ‘those’.

d) I love high heels. I’ve got a weak back so I can’t exactly strut around in them and it goes without saying my husband can’t stand the fact that it’d make me look taller! Silly is an understatement.

You see what I’m putting up with? Stacey & Clinton are you listening? Or for my friends in the UK, Trinny & Sussanah any piece of advice?

As a consolation he at least he lets me pick his clothes since he hates going shopping but his pink phobia better wear out cuz the pink shirt I bought him from J Crew is really smart. It’s not ‘girly’ like my husband so eloquently quips.It’s just that when someone is wearing poop colored stuff there’s no ‘turning on’ in the bedroom (even if he has Brad Pitt for a face). Ouch.


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