Mom please! Not another recipe

At the moment I’m on the phone with mum who’s dolling out recipes after recipes and I’m unable to stop her! I guess she’s kinda like a human road roller when she talks about cooking.

Don’t be mistaken but she’s a awesome cook and the best person I know alive but mom really do you have to give me 3 recipes every time we talk? Like every single time? She’s still going on about how to marinate chicken while I’m coming up with this post. Phew! This woman is on fire! It’s like an itch. She JUST has to give me one recipe if not more. It’s cute like OCD type but in her own funny way.

Maybe we’ll come up with a cook book for her so that’ll channel her ‘enthusiasm’ in a more receptive direction. She hasn’t yet discovered the joy of blogging yet…so until then my ear is her audience.


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