For the love of shoes

Early today my husband left for his LSAT test while I carefully planned the next few hours unbeknown to him. Like I’ve mentioned already I’ve just started driving. In fact I miraculously got my license, which I attribute entirely to luck and not my skill. So really in less than 3 weeks I got it from the time I figured out what the driver’s seat felt like.

Why am I telling you about this? Cuz today I nearly died of horror when I lost my way to the mall.

After the husband left I checked the weather. There’ s a snow advisory in effect from late afternoon so I was all clear to leave by 8:15am today morning. Then I put on some eye liner and grabbed my CK sweater that I bought on Black Friday and hopped my way across to the car after my standard prayer to God to save me on the road if anything. I saw the news yesterday and heard about that horrific accident in NY.

Then as I was happily off to my secret rendezvous with some more shoes, clothes and chocolates, I couldn’t figure out that damn GPS (which btw goes on to save the day) and entered the nearby street name cuz it wouldn’t accept the mall name. Obviously I the GPS and I didn’t hit it off on the right note.

After that I was feeling pretty good the driving and excited to see the mall after a week until I took one right turn too short of the actual one. BAM! Nervous attack commense.

I kept wandering about in unknown territory and my god I was having a nervous breakdown. I kept telling God to help me this one time and that I’d never venture about without telling my husband esp if it’s to do with shopping. I know I blew off a lot on Thanksgiving and all but I’m hooked to it and this was one good way of getting me to not do it.

After an hour on being lost and trying to find my way back before I died off a heart-attack, I decided to let my GPS do the directing. And it worked. It was awfully scary cuz I had to change lanes on the highway and ppl were honking although I didn’t really know at whom. I’m assuming me?

Finally made it home. Safely. And I realized I’m bad at all covert jobs, including shopping behind your husband’s back especially when you promised to save more and spend less. See lying never worked for me. Today I thought I wasn’t cuz I would probably tell him. Okay maybe I wasn’t gonna…Well I learnt my lesson.

FYI: I’ve been to that mall at least 30 times in the past 8 months and just once when I went alone (Black Friday).

Am I really such a big dummy? I hope not.

Am I going to fare better next time? That’s yet to be seen.

Do I still want to go shopping now?

Hell yeah.


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