Respect the body, mind and soul

I haven’t written in a while and I have no reason why.

So my new yr was crazy. We spent it by Times Square, along with others who decided to stand in the snow/rain for 9 hrs just to see the ball drop, which takes about 60 seconds.

Hopefully my new year will make happiness last for over 60 seconds at a stretch.

Last night as I was watching the Telly, I saw E! Investigates on prescription drug addiction and it got me thinking. I am thankful to my parents and to all those who’ve had a role in my life for keeping me off drugs, alcohol or any such morally and physically destructive indulgences.

I saw these people get violent withdrawal symptoms and see their body wither. It made me cringe but I also wished they made better choices in their life. And in some way, through their life, I can make a better choice in my life.

The human body is a miracle worker. In so many ways that we take for granted our body is the most intelligent and understated creation. We bleed, we heal. We make life, we create. We breathe, we replenish and we are ALIVE.

The ‘we’ here stands for our awesome body.

It’s not like I haven’t tried these substances. Though I must mention I’m not in favor of OTC drugs for a silly headache or back ache. I give my a body a chance to self heal and if not then I take the medicine but not at a blink of an eye.

I’ve tried weed, but didn’t find myself longing for it. I never had a taste for alcohol or even wine for that matter. Even nicotine, I do smoke like maybe once in 2 months or something but I just respect my lungs. They are doing their job so  who am I to poison it? And for what? Lung cancer?

I don’t think I’m abnormal for all that but I definitely think I’m lucky to steer clear of those vices. Of course I’m lazy and for me that’s my vice.

On tv I saw people with their stories and most are 35 yrs and below. It broke my heart to see their families talk in their absence and got me to re-evaluate myself-mybody.

My body is mine and I’m responsible for that. I’m not going to get into the ‘who am I, who is me’ spiritual catch 22 discussion now, but I want to share this with you.

I want to be healthy not just by not being a consumer of addictive substances but to be healthy- mentally and physically. I can control that can’t I?

I want to live to see the Serengeti, the northern lights and to experience outer space and of course to have the Todd lambskin handbag, which FYI is $3000 and strut around in Louboutins with the most ridiculous hair cut and style.

A woman can dream alright.

So I decided to give Yoga a shot. More like pilates and just to be able to control my mind, cuz it is crazy. It’s scary man to lose your mind. I mean what if I never realize the difference between reality and dreams? I would want to be that vulnerable and certainly would want to protect my mind. In the past few days I’ve started drinking white tea by Twinings since I couldn’t find a better brand in the grocery store. I heard it’s better than green tea and honestly it’s one step to a healthier life. And it’s an easy one.

My dear bloggers, as I wish for your best health and happiness I also earnestly hope for us to live a clean and sincere life.

Respect the body, mind and soul.


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  1. What an inspiring post this is. Good luck and stick with it. I was thinking about giving yoga a go this year, I used to be quite bendy but I can feel old age creeping up on me and I don’t like it. You are lucky to be blessed with good health

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