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I’m friendless. I don’t know how to make/find a friend. Help please

Yikes. That is a sad sad thing to know about yourself.

It’s true. I don’t have any friends and neither do I have any fun ‘pictures’ or ‘photos’ to put up on Facebook or at home.

One thing that might have a lil to do with it is that I recently moved from one country to another so BIG difference there. I just got married and husband lives here. I don’t work cuz I don’t have a degree cuz I abruptly left this awesome university midway.

I just really suck.

And did I mention that I never really was good at making friends. Really. I had acquaintances but no definite friendship. Yes a couple of people wish me on my birthday and I do have like 1-2 friends with whom I can have the ‘girl talk’ but I don’t think I’m someone whose really had a group of friends ever. I mean that is so pathetic.

I’m so exhausted living a friendless life and I’m shy and difficult to be around. I get all frazzled up as soon as I’m in a group setting and then I almost teleport myself to Planet loser while people around me are having a great time.

I was also very conscious so I wouldn’t be caught dead in my pjs or bad wavy hair and a zit on my face.

But one good thing after marriage is I’ve become a lot less conscious (of course I still get upset onĀ  spotting a zit) and I guess don’t care about appearance as much as before.

I want to find friend and have an amazing time walking through the city catching the latest movie or lunch or just shopping and rebuild that good old memory of what it was to have a friend.



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